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Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Haji Mubin Sheppard is a name synonymous with the conservation and preservation of historical buildings in Malaysia. Born in Ireland in 1905, he arrived in Malaya in 1928 to serve for the Malayan Civil Service (MCS) until 1963. Tan Sri Mubin’s love for history and Malayan heritage is evident from his numerous publications, his involvement as Editor and President of MBRAS, Museum Director as well as the founding of the Malayan Historical Society in 1953. He was instrumental in the founding of Badan Warisan Malaysia in 1982 and championed the conservation and preservation of Malaysia’s built heritage.

The Mubin Sheppard Memorial Prize was established by Badan Warisan Malaysia  to raise awareness among younger members of society, about the built heritage of Malaysia. 21 yers after his passing, Dr. Sr. Zuraini Ali celebrates his life and work and will share her insights on the tireless efforts and significant contributions of Tan Sri Mubin from the 1950s until his death on 11 Sept 1994.

About the Speaker:

Dr. Sr. Zuraini Md Ali is a professional in architecture and heritage conservation in Malaysia. Her PhD entitled ‘British Colonial and Post-Colonial attitudes to Architecture and Heritage Conservation in Malaysia’ references many works of Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Haji Mubin Sheppard. She begin her professional career in Built Environment as an Assistant Architect and in the 1990s taught at Federal Institute of Technology, Kuala Lumpur and MARA Institute of Technology. Dr. Sr. Zuraini was among the pioneering staff who established the Department of Building Surveying, Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying in UiTM and currently lectures at Universiti Malaya’s Department of Building Surveying, Faculty of Built Environment. As conservationist, Dr. Zuraini has worked on projects including the restoration of Dewan Tunku Canselor, University Malaya (2002-2004) and restoration of Taman Sejarah Kusta Negara (Phase 1) Sg Buloh (2012-2014). She has received several recognition and awards in her research and consultancy works including Honorable Mention in National Heritage Awards 2004: Conservation with Adaptive Re-Use of Bargas Zakariah, Badan Warisan Malaysia in 2005.

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    Dr Peter Lim said:
    October 18, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    Congratulations on your great achievements. Tahniah!
    Saya berasal dari Kelang, S’gor. Met Tan Sri MS 35? years ago at a function of the British High C’ssion. He told me his memoir on his MCS days was out. I ordered a copy which he posted to me.
    He wanted to meet me again to chat but I was so busy working that I didn’t follow up–dikesalkan episode ini.
    Saya memberi tahu beliau bahawa saya bermain ping pong di Boys’ Club di Kelang dalam tempuh 1950s’ – he was the originator of the project. I had the good fortune of meeting Sir Peter Mooney on a few occasions—I first met him also at a British HC function where I brashly said I preferred Beethoven to Mozart-
    malu-lah……so he explained why Mozart was unmatchable which of course was the case…we both loved classical music. Sir Mooney was a classical pianist and also played/taught the flute.
    He invited me for lunch at Sgor Club–some 30 years ago–over that period we met for meals at least twice and again in 2000?
    I returned from Melb to KL several times and we were to meet–he wrote-have lunch at my apartment–but it did not materialise as he was not well–again we tried, fate had its way and we never met. I sent him a few of my musical compositions including BY THE SHORES OF ERIN which he liked. I posted a copy of WHAT IS LOVE? (AN EXPERIMENTAL PROJECT) a book originated by me in Melb with contributions from 2 friends, also from Melb.
    During my last trip to KL, I had a copy of my anthology of 68 poems entitled THE HEART HAS ITS REASONS intended for him but we didn’t meet.
    He was a good friend of Tan Sri MS and he said to me:
    Mubin wanted a military style funeral procession and I made that possible.

    The passing alway of these two most distinguished ex-MCS officers from Great Britain, a chapter of our country’s history is sadly closed.

    People such as you have done a wonderful job to keep the works of these two persons alive and you should be admired in every way.

    Sekian adanya.

    Yang benar
    Dr Peter Lim (composer, writer, tenor and violinist)

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