INTO Places


Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM) has been a member of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) for a number of years now. Through INTO, the global family of National Trusts comes together to share ideas, resources and experiences. We work in partnership to grow the capacity of existing trusts and establish new ones in countries where they do not currently exist. And INTO gives us platform to voice our shared concerns on global heritage issues.

One of the ways of strengthening what it means to be part of the INTO family is reciprocal visiting.

And INTO has been working with the world’s heritage trusts to make your membership at Badan Warisan Malaysia go much further.

We are proud to say that we have joined the new ‘INTO Places’ scheme. Your BWM membership card will act as your passport, opening doors and gates, porticos and porches at over a thousand amazing National Trust places around the world.

You can check the local visiting arrangements and information by visiting the INTO website where you can access an interactive map that links you directly you to all the Trusts involved. Just show your BWM member card to receive free* or discounted entry at sites operated by these partner organisations.

So, if you are an existing member of BWM, you can enjoy this wonderful and highly advantageous new member benefit as soon as international travel opens once again.

Or if you live in Malaysia and would like to join BWM in order to enjoy this new benefit (along with many others) please complete our membership form.

We look forward to welcoming you at one of sites very soon!

Click here to see the video on INTO Places.

A little about INTO

Today, INTO has over eighty members including of course Badan Warisan Malaysia.  Although different in size, age and emphasis, these organisations all care about special places, protecting them for everyone and for ever.  Together as INTO, they unite people in their concern for heritage, wherever it is in the world. 

We might call ourselves ‘National’ Trusts but in fact, conservation can’t be neatly parcelled up into national packages.  Keeping alive our wonderful built, cultural and natural heritage for present and future generations depends on global co-operation.

We live in a complex, multi-dimensional and inter-dependent world.  Things have changed a lot, even since INTO was established.  Funding has reduced while development pressures have increased; the impacts of climate change become more real every year; and there are new challenges posed by migration and other societal trends.

So it’s wonderful to see people and organisations coming together under the INTO banner to support one another and to show solidarity.  With international support, local empowerment and joined up working, we believe we can really make a difference.  

* Admission to special exhibits, tours and parking fees, if any, are typically NOT included in this offer.