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councilmembers copy copyFOUR NEW MEMBERS JOIN THE COUNCIL

Badan Warisan Malaysia is excited to announce that we have four new members joining our council. These four new members have been elected unanimously during our AGM which was held on Saturday, 20th December 2014.


He has appeared in a number of acclaimed television, theater and film productions. In 1999, Zahim received TV3’s Anugerah Skrin Best Actor award for his role in the TV drama Odissi. He has received the Best Director award at the Boh Cameronian Arts Awards in 2002 for Spilt Gravy on Rice, in 2005 with Alvin Tan for Separation 40 and then again in 2006 with Adlin Aman Ramlie for Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical.  He also received the Anugerah Seni Negara (National Arts Award) for Theatre Directing in 2006.

 Liz T

Then: Copywriter, advertising Executive, sailboarding talent in Tourism Malaysia commercials, club manager, (the club was the first to unearth & stage the likes of Sheila Majid, Ella, Search, Seha) screenwriter “Mat Gelap” island person, creative consultant & executive director Central Market, festival director malaysian video awards (MVA), consultant for enfiniti, themed attractions and resorts .blonde.

Now: creative catalyst, collaborator, project consultant, artspreneur, writer, containerpreneur & speaker on ideas & creativity for events entrepreneurs, and experience specialist, festival director kampong fest hulu langat, eco and heritage activist, tennis player & blogger, island person, world traveller, single mother of two .blonde.


Presently the Senior Director at Ekuinas, a government linked private equity firm . Suridah assisted the current CEO with the set up of the organization –  managing overall recruitment, developing corporate branding & communications and managing special projects such as CSR and conferences. She currently oversees the shared services department and is on the investment committee. Suridah was formerly the CEO of NTV 7 following the sale of her media company Big Tree Outdoor to Media Prima. Earlier work experience includes positions in advertising and communications in both Malaysia and the UK.


Ar. Lim Take Bane is a practising professional architect based in Kuala Lumpur with his own practice. He has a keen interest in the conservation of heritage architecture and cultural heritage which was instilled in him while studying architecture in the United Kingdom. He believes that the rich patina of urban fabric attained through long histories should not be destroyed wantonly through ignorance of its priceless heritage value, or otherwise.

See the full list of Badan Warisan Malaysia’s 2015 Council & Secretariat.

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