BWM Talk Series: Preserving Our Culinary Heritage – Reminiscing on Herbal Rice a.k.a Nasi Ulam

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Organized by Badan Warisan Malaysia.

Live Webinar Details
Date: Saturday, 29 January 2022
Time: 4:00 PM (Kuala Lumpur, GMT+8)
Topic: Preserving Our Culinary Heritage: Reminiscing on Herbal Rice a.k.a Nasi Ulam
Speaker: Prof. Dr. Shahrim Ab Karim
Moderator: Delima Mohd Khalid
Venue: Virtual – Zoom Webinar
Free Admission


This live talk will explore the uniqueness of a delightful and authentic Malaysian food called Nasi Ulam. Having experience in tasting and cooking four different Nasi Ulam from various states – North, South and East of Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Shahrim will explain the varieties of each Nasi Ulam – their ingredients, differences as well as its uniqueness, followed by a cooking demonstration during the webinar.

Typically, Nasi Ulam is prepared using selected traditional herbs or ulam that can be found in the wild or in one’s garden. It can be eaten with various dishes, from Rendang to Sambal Udang, and each dish will complement and give a distinct flavour to the Nasi Ulam. In Melaka, Nasi Ulam is popular among the Baba and Nyonya. It is very special, yet very simple to prepare.


Prof. Dr. Shahrim Ab Karim is a Professor of Malaysia Heritage Food and Culture at the Department of Food Service Management, Faculty of Food Science and Technology at Universiti Putra Malaysia. He has contributed to the development of the Malaysia heritage food and marketing the food internationally.

Shahrim has served in various national committees on food heritage and is dedicated towards documentation and refining the national heritage food. He also hosted and appeared on various cooking shows in Malaysia and abroad. So far, he has published six cookbooks, highlighting the traditional food. His research interests include Foodservice Management, Food Tourism, Food Culture, and Heritage Food. He conducts both the quantitative and qualitative research methods. During his spare time, he loves to cook and travel for food, enjoys food styling and photography and he paints on canvas as well.


Delima Mohd Khalid is trained in the Arts and Humanities, and she has a Masters degree in Coexistence and Conflict. Delima is especially interested in humanitarian work and the effects of conflict and trauma on mental health. She has worked with marginalised groups both locally and abroad, focusing particularly on vulnerable children and youth. She is currently the Project Lead for Community Development in Thrive Well, a mental health social enterprise.

Taking full advantage of her mother’s filled-to-the-brim garden, Delima has experimented making nasi goreng bunga kantan, pegaga, and mulberry tea and a party favourite – bunga telang, mint, and lime punch.

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