Brickfields: As Witness by Mano Maniam

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Mano Maniam Bfields



Brickfields is a diverse neighbourhood with dozens of religious institutions, schools, associations as well as social and welfare organizations within a square mile, all with a history of more than a century. It is in serious threat of rapid change and is at odds with its own past and its future. 

Brickfields: As Witness explores the changing image of this neighbourhood through Mano’s eyes. He fears that Brickfields will no longer reflect that colour and become just a giant communication “go-to/come-from place”. 

This narrative will also uncover the stories he has experienced as an inmate of this colorful suburb. 


ManoManiam01An actor, director, teacher and voice over artist, Mano Maniam is well known for his roles as Uncle Chan in the local TV series ‘Kopitiam’ and as Moonshee in Hollywood’s ‘Anna and the King’.

As a cultural anthropologist, he is curious on examining how cultures merge, collide and intertwine. Brickfields has become the center of his curiosity and observation.

Having lived in Brickfields for over 30 years, Mano has seen the land and peoplescape change, unsure of its destiny.

One thought on “Brickfields: As Witness by Mano Maniam

    Jean Leembruggen said:
    January 13, 2019 at 8:04 pm

    Dear Mano, I’m Jean Leembruggen, dear friend of the late Renee Kraal. My grief at her loss was a palpable thing as I’m sure was yours. She mentioned you to me often , you were part and parcel of her life and she was deeply grateful. It is hard to believe she no longer walks this life….Twinkle told me you did the Eulogy at the funeral. And the right person too. I wonder if I could read it Mano. I would be so grateful.

    How is life with you after 16 years? Would you have lunch with me the next time I might be in K.L.? Please be in touch with me Mano….

    God Bless and Keep..


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