New & Exciting Things are Happening at Badan Warisan Malaysia!

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Since 1983, Badan Warisan has been the leading national heritage NGO in Malaysia. Our successes have been the result of the fabulous support we enjoy and collaborations with our members, government agencies, institutions, national and international partners.

NOW is the time to take our mission to the next level by taking advantage of new media to spread the message of conservation to an even wider audience.

So today, we’d like to announce the development of our new website!!


SAVEMYHERITAGE.ORG will offer a platform for you to play a role in protecting our shared heritage. Best of all, it will allow you to choose your level of commitment. From signing petitions to spearheading campaigns, every contribution will help strengthen our cultural heritage landscape.

We have also updated our logo

BadanWarisanLogo_Colour (1)

and introduced a new tagline


to reflect this new strategy.

While our website is being developed, you can stay in touch with us via Facebook  and Instagram (@heritagemalaysia). You can also receive updates on what’s happening with us by signing up for our newsletter, Buletin Warisan

These are exciting times for us at Badan Warisan Malaysia and we hope you will come on board to share the excitement and make a difference!!

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