Talk on Valley of Hope: Sungai Buloh Settlement

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In line with recent efforts to obtain UNESCO World Heritage status, Pusat Kawalan Kusta Negara and Majlis Penempatan Sungai Buloh have co-hosted Malaysia’s first International VERNADOC Camp where participants from Portugal, France, Thailand and Malaysia documented the heritage buildings in the Valley of Hope. This event, which took place from 3-17 March 2018, was jointly organized by Association of Siamese Architect and Suriwong Group.



Originating from Finland, the term ‘VERNADOC’ (vernacular documentation) refers to a methodology of vernacular architecture study that emphasizes the information and data collection on site using basic techniques to produce high quality measured drawings. Having gained international recognition, the use of VERNADOC is expected to result in drawings that will provide an insight into the heritage element to the value of measured buildings with the goal of incentivizing building owners and inspiring community members to join hands in conserving those buildings.