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Notice: Re-opening of Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman

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We are pleased to announce that Rumah Penghulu Abu Seman will reopen on Tuesday, 1st September 2020.

Guided tours will be available from Tuesdays to Thursdays  at 11am and 3pm, with a minimum donation of RM10 per person. 

We are also open for group visits and group tours on other days, with an advanced booking required (Subjected to availability, date & time)

Read more about our available tour programmes at and get in touch with us via email at

Love MY Heritage

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Badan Warisan Malaysia’s Love MY Heritage campaign aims to discover, collect and archive Malaysians’ valuable memories, which include personal, social, and historical, with the aim of sharing them with the world and thus promoting the idea of shared heritage. Everyone has their own version of heritage that they hold on to. It would be riveting to learn, hear and read the people’s stories and how they see heritage as part of their lives.

Love MY Heritage intends to invoke nostalgia and memories of heritage within individuals or groups that happened in the past either the heritage still remain until now or it’s been demolished, abandoned or faded. Heritage can be tangible or intangible, tangible refers to things that we can store or physically touch, for example, traditional clothing, tools, buildings, artwork, and monuments. Intangible heritage refers to things that are not physical items but exist intellectually, for example, oral traditions, rituals, beliefs and skills to produce traditional crafts. 

This campaign focuses on Malaysian Heritage, parallel with its name where ‘MY’ is the abbreviation of Malaysia and as indication that the heritage is “ours”.  Heritage is inclusive of features belonging to our diversified culture, such as traditions, languages, or buildings that were created in the past and still have historical importance. Heritage is the sum total of our memories, experiences, records, artifacts, and traditions that we have inherited. Heritage has brought together people from different levels and diverse backgrounds; Malaysia has been and continues to be a melting pot for diversity.

We invite you to participate and share the stories of your Malaysian heritage with us by submitting digital photos with a caption via the designated online platform. Selected entries will be shared on our online and social media platforms; featured photos that receive the most number of likes will receive a prize.


  1. Follow Badan Warisan Malaysia on Instagram and/or Facebook (Like & Follow).
  2. Submit the photo(s) with details that must include:
  • Date of photo (e.g. year or MM/YYYY or c1960 means circa 1960)
  • Location of photo (e.g. town & state)
  • Description or story of photo (e.g. what is in the photo, what is it about, who is in it)
  • Name (full name of participant)
  • Participant’s IG handle (if any) 
  • #hashtag suggestion (one only)
  1. Pictures taken at any time are welcomed – No limit or specific period of time
  2. Each photo /series of photos MUST be accompanied by an anecdote or story or just a few sentences about the photo and/or the individuals/place within the image.
  3. Each photo must have a minimum resolution of 400 dpi in JPEG or PNG format.
  4. Unlimited entries per participant allowed.
  5. Submit your entries HERE.

Click HERE to read the Terms and Conditions. By submitting entries in this campaign, participants confirm that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions. 

If you have any enquiries, please email

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Love MY Heritage is now an ongoing campaign and we no longer limit entries to photographs taken before the 1980s, so pictures taken at any time are welcomed! 

Gift Shop Fair – Antiques & Collectables

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Badan Warisan Malaysia together with Kita Kita present Gift Shop Fair – Antiques & Collectables.

Date: 14 – 16 August 2020 (Friday – Sunday)
Time: 10am – 6pm
Venue: No. 2 Jalan Stonor, Kuala Lumpur

All items are on an “as is where is” basis and will be sold on first come, first served basis from 14 August 2020. Cash/credit cards accepted.

Following Covid-19 guidelines – the maximum capacity within BWM’s Heritage Centre is limited to 15 members and visitors at a time. Please book an appointment based on hourly slots available during the 3 day event. To book your appointment, please email or call Syuhada at 03-2144 9273 (call BWM office only when open on Tuesday-Thursday between 10am-5pm).

Furniture items are available for preview during Tuesday-Thursday between 10am-5pm.

Please see posters for more details.
Thank you.

Gift Shop Fair Aug2020 page 1


Gift Shop Fair Aug2020 page 2

Fraser’s Hill Resort and Spa Plan

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3 August 2020

Badan Warisan Malaysia (BWM), the leading national heritage NGO in Malaysia that was established in 1983, is saddened to learn of the recent destruction of important heritage buildings in Fraser’s Hill, which has resulted in the loss of priceless history and architectural heritage.

BWM is deeply concerned about the unnecessary destruction of the country’s built heritage. BWM Council is issuing this statement to disagree with this act of built heritage demolition.

As a body, we are actively working to try to preserve the country’s heritage for future generations. We are therefore disappointed to hear that these important aspects of architectural significance have been demolished without any due consideration.

Fraser’s Hill celebrated the centenary of its establishment as a hill station in 2019. Its unique location in the forested highlands of Peninsular Malaysia and limited access has allowed Fraser’s to preserve its distinctive historical, architectural and natural heritage. Unchecked over-development would jeopardise these qualities that have made it attractive to both local and foreign visitors for a hundred years.

Built heritage and intangible heritage values should be considered by the state administration, when evaluating tourism resources. It is vital that the state authorities control future development to maintain the existing rural scale, and not impose urban highrise scale, which will destroy the very charm of Fraser’s Hill which attracts tourists from far and wide.

Although we acknowledge that these are privately owned properties, it is indeed a shame that an opportunity was lost to document the architectural features of these iconic building through measured surveys. As far as we are aware, architectural salvage and archiving was not done before the demolition, for preservation and reuse.

On a separate note, BWM applauds and appreciates the recognition and the strong initiatives recently undertaken by DBKL to help boost tourism in the Federal Capital through the recognition of 353 locations and buildings as historical sites under the Jejak Warisan project in Kuala Lumpur.

We hope these type of government initiatives will be far-reaching and extend to cover more states in Malaysia to protect our heritage for the country’s future generations. What is lost is gone forever.

A petition under Change.Org has garnered 5,000 signatures thus far:

~ End ~

About Badan Warisan Malaysia

Badan Warisan Malaysia (The Heritage of Malaysia Trust) is the leading national heritage NGO established in 1983 as an independent registered charity. BWM works to raise awareness of heritage issues and advocate for a conservation-friendly environment in Malaysia. BWM works throughout Malaysia, cooperating with community groups, institutions, the private sector and all levels of Government to promote the conservation and preservation of our historic buildings and places. BWM plays a pivotal role in advocacy through a range of activities including heritage education, and we initiate research and documentation of our heritage assets and contribute to debates at international, national and local levels, on the quality of our built environment.

For more information on BWM, please visit

Media statement in BM is available HERE


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Save The Date

More details coming soon. . .


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Private Movie Screening: Garden of the Evening Mists

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We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Astro Shaw and Golden Screen Cinemas, with gratitude for their generous sponsorship and support for an exclusive private screening and presentation of “The Garden of Evening Mists” at the newly opened luxury Aurum Theatre at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

There will only be 80 First Class Seats available; seats are available to BWM members by a minimum donation of RM850 per seat; and a minimum donation of RM1,000 per seat for non-members – which includes a 1 year membership at BWM. All donations to BWM for this event are fully tax exempt.

Kindly RSVP by 12 March 2020. Tickets are available upon confirmation of payment on a first come, first served basis. To book your ticket and for payment of your donation, please complete the attached form and return it to the BWM office either by hardcopy or by email to

Please download the Ticket Form and Event Program HERE


Please be informed that Badan Warisan Malaysia’s fundraising event, a private screening of the movie, “The Garden of Evening Mists”, sponsored by Astro Shaw and Golden Screen Cinemas, has been postponed from its initial date of 24 March 2020. This is due to the health and safety concerns from COVID-19 and in line with our government’s directives on Restricted Movement Order.

Once a new date is rescheduled for this event, we will inform and update you on the details.

We sincerely regret any inconveniences caused and would like to thank you for your kind understanding and continued support.