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FOR SALE | My Journey By Bus Merchandises – From RM4 – RM80

Book: My Journey By Bus – RM80

Malaysia Day Special! – RM72 (Discount 10% valid until 16 September 2022)

This book tells the story and personal experiences of the author, Lam Ching Fu’s journey by bus to 35 places thoughout Perak, Pulau Pinang, Perlis and Kedah. After completing this journey, FuFu concluded that our bus system was good – not only as transport from cities to towns and from towns to villages, but that tourist destinations can also be reached by bus. He opines that some bus journeys are truly fantastic.

“A bus ticket gets you places, an open heart gets you hidden Malaysia experiences.”

Publisher: FuFu Productions
Pages: 272 (colour)

Greeting Cards: Window Grilles of Yesteryear – RM12 per piece

Malaysia Day Special! – RM10.80 (Discount 10% valid until 16 September 2022)

These cards are designed by the author of ‘My Journey By Bus’ book, Lam Ching Fu. Inspired by the beauty of grilles, the grilles provide security to those within buildings whilst their motifs demonstrates the owner’s interpretation of beauty. There usually is a symbolic meaning behind the chosen designs and patterns.

As the intricate grilles of yesteryear make way for simpler modern ones, the author hopes to preserve some of its old-world charm and shares them with us.

Each greeting card comes with an envelope.

Material: One side coated artcard (12cm x 17cm, 350gsm)
Finishing: One side laminated (front, silver), one side laser cut (back, white)
Envelope: Orange (14cm x 19.5cm)

Iron-on Patch – RM30 each

Malaysia Day Special! – RM27 (Discount 10% valid until 16 September 2022)

Postcards – RM4 each

Malaysia Day Special! – RM3.60 (Discount 10% valid until 16 September 2022)

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